Integrated solutions in beauty and care logistics.

Wiedmann & Winz’ contract logistics business unit, which has been handling automotive parts, hightech, and steel for many years, is now putting a major focus on logistics for beauty and care products: for a well-known trader of cosmetics, all warehousing and distribution activities for Germany and Austria are managed with a lead logistics provider (LLP) concept.

All logistics processes for perfect order fulfillment, including inventory management, customer- and store-specific picking and labeling as well as distribution are managed by Wiedmann & Winz. While using a state-of-the art IT-system to support operations, logistics performance is being measured and evaluated via servie level KPIs.

In order to yield further process savings, value added services (VAS) like beauty bar preparation, co-packing, re-labeling, quality controls, and returns management are being managed directly in the W&W Logistics Center in Eislingen. This central management of all logistics processes ensures that lipsticks, eyeshadows, and creams are delivered tidy and timely to dm, Müller, Rossmann and other retailers.

While being a basic logistics need for end consumers, the project allows Wiedmann & Winz to further strenghten the company’s presence in beauty & care logistics as one of its key business fields.