Actros and FleetBoard as part of our green logistics

A strong fleet of company-owned trucks is central for Wiedmann & Winz’. “This way, we can offer a comprehensive European transport network and are able to manage timeliness, maintenance, driving times, but also fuel consumption”, says general manager Lege.

FleetBoard, the Daimler telematic system, plays a central role in contributing to green logistics by minimizing fuel consumption. For the last 13 years, Wiedmann & Winz has been supporting the Daimler subsidiary in the system’s development. Today, all vehicles are FleetBoard-equipped.

Thanks to the system, green logistics have been implemented at Wiedmann & Winz for a long time. While intelligently supporting the fleet management in reducing fuel consumption, the system contributes to a sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions. Further advantages of the system are being explained by Dr. Lege on YouTube: